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 General parameters
 Type AL80GE
 Band 80 GHz
 Band License free / Light licensed / Licensed
 Frequency range (GHz) 71 — 76 / 81 — 86
 Duplex spacing (GHz) 10
 Channel bandwidth (MHz) 1250
 Modulation scheme DBPSK
 Transmission capacity (Mbps) 1150 full duplex (2300 aggregate)
 Frequency stability < 10 ppm
 Forward error correction FEC Reed-Salomon
 System configurations 1+0 or 1+1
 Radio Parameters
 Receiver sensitivity for 10-6 (dBm) -63
 Output power max.(dBm) 20
 Automatic power control ATPC
 User interfaces
 Protected terminal box ALS1-GEth (RP) / ALS1-2GEth (RP)
 Line2 Ethernet 1000Base-T / 100Base-TX / 10Base-T, connector RJ-45 on terminal box
 Line3 Ethernet 1000Base-T / 100Base-TX / 10Base-T, connector RJ-45 on terminal box
 Line4 SFP slot for Ethernet 1000Base-SX / 1000Base-LX / 1000Base-BX / 1000Base-T or E1, connector in ODU
 Maximal packet length 2048 / 10240 bytes
 Supports VLAN, Auto Negotiation or manual setting 1000 / 100 / 10 and Full / Half Duplex, QoS, Flow Control, Auto MDIX, Master / Slave
 Control and diagnostic system
 Management port Ethernet NMS separately or together with user data with possibility of VLAN separation
 Management port RS232 connector on ODU for direct NMS connection
 Supports SNMP v1
 ODU connection
 Cable type  S-STP/S-FTP Cat.7 cable is conected to cutting strips “KRONE” both in ODU and protected terminal box
 Cable length  Up to 90 m for Ethernet 1000Base-T, up to 100 m for 100Base-TX and up to 250 m for 10Base-T
 Optical cable  Fibre optic cable is determinated by used SFP module
 0.35 m gain mid band (dBi) 48
 0.65 m gain mid band (dBi) 52
 Class ETSI Class 2
 Polarization Vertical or horizontal
 Power supply
 Power supply 48 V DC (36-72)
 Power consumption Up to 40 W
 Temperature range
 Outdoor unit -33 to +55 °C
 Protected terminal box -25 to +55 °C
 Dimensions (w x h x d) and weight
 Outdoor unit 255 x 301 x 133 mm / 6.5 kg
 Protected terminal box 147 x 44 x 163 mm / 0.4 kg
 Antenna 0.35 m 8.1 kg
 Antenna 0.65 m 11 kg


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